Headphone calibration


Has anyone got any tips or suggestions on how to calibrate their headphones without spending a fortune on gimmick plugins?

I’m using DT 770 headphones with a Macbook Pro / Logic.

Cheers Bruce

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Hello, just replying to your PS. Thank you for your advice. However, I want to clarify my intentions with this character threshold for new topics. I founded this community partly because I was tired of “quick and lazy” posts on FB groups and social media.

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Hi, what do you mean by gimmick? Sonarworks does the trick just fine.
Never tried anything else. As long as your headphones are on the list it will be just fine


Hi Seb. How do you know? Everyone’s ears are different. What I want is a way of going through each frequency range and adjusting it so that they are best suited to my ears.

Not an answer to your question per se, as I never tried headphone calibration software myself. But since you mentioned “best suited to my ears” I wanted at least mention this new kind of headphone that actually is supposed to send some kind of sonar pulses into your ear drum and calculating “the perfect” frequency response for your ears.


Yeah I saw that recently which was what led me to ask the question. I don’t want more gear though. I want to make better use of the stuff I have and if the DT 770s are good enough for BBC radio, I’m happy to keep using them :slight_smile:

Haha I know what you mean. The gear lust is real for us composers/producers :wink:

But I don’t know of any other way to calibrate to your specific ears. I would assume those headphone calibration systems are calibrating to some kind of “studio standard monitoring”, but again…I am no expert in this area. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I might do a tone test through each frequency range and see what sounds louder or quieter. See if it makes any difference :slight_smile:

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A bit related but not really the same: Calibrating monitoring levels. Easier on studio monitors of course, but perhaps good for headphones too. Our hearing/perception and balance of frequencies picked up by our ears changes with volume. :slight_smile:

For the record, I have done this with my studio monitors, but I “cheat” = ride the volume knob up and down.

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I really love this plugin, it’s great for headphones calibration!


The point of calibration is not to suit to your ears but to neutralise the response. I don’t really understand what you mean there.

Our problem is …we all hear differently …just anatomically, our ear canal, diameter,length, eardrum size , compounded with calcium depletion (drink your milk) and broken comb vili in the ear will certainly make a non-uniform listening environment …as well as the brains ability to dynamically eq ! …no kidding …


I’ll be a rebel … frequency response being “flat” is mute. The objective of the speaker system is to produce definition so you can identify instruments in the mix…There are a number of mix engineers (Powers in particular that will tell you the “flat” spec is bs)…you have enough issues at the crossover point between woofer and tweeter …

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I am going to download there free trial and check this out . I am currently running a dual monitor system, some very inexpensive m-audios and then high end event 2020. really curious what it has to say about the calibration for them both. Thanks for the info.


Professional composers will not take the “cheap road”, but a good tool like Sonarworks Reference 4 does require CPU power and there might be occasions when it takes too much of it.

A “cheap alternative” could be a systemwide audio equalizer (for instance the free/donationware https://bitgapp.com/eqmac/ ), which you manually adjust to the curve that Sonarworks showes.

Certainly not perfect, but probably better than no adjustmen, at all.