Have you tried UNIFY layered plugin guru its awesome?

After acquiring Spitfire Audio BBC SO pro I have been helping UNIFY John skippy Lehmkuhl with testing his patches in Core and Pro. This plugin makes it easier to layer and create ensembles for your music compositions. Have you tried it, if not you should? Go to pluginguru unify

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I saw this mentioned on VIC

As someone brand new to the orchestral world, would UNIFY be too advanced for me? I am trying to wrap my head around exactly how it would be used. Is there a tutorial where it is explained so even a beginner could understand it?

So Unify does layers like multiple tracks within a track, but in an easier way. It also provides patches for BBC SO ensembles and sets of instruments as well as ideas from the classic composers and film types. This gives you a better starting point than say BBC So discover or core which you have to learn a lot about orchestrating before using them. Unify helps you so you can sketch out groups of instruments for an orchestra. I also means you can use as a smaller template for the whole orchestra. Here is the page with info on Unify https://www.pluginguru.com/products/unify-standard/

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