Have you Made Cinematic Covers of Famous Tracks?

Have you tried making a cover/remix/tribute or whatever you want to call it, of a famous song, soundtrack, theme? For example, remaking one of the main themes from from Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight…or any famous theme/composition. :slight_smile:

I am interested in trying this out, but I would love to get some tips based on your experience.

PS. If you have made a Cinematic/Orchestral cover of any track, and are very proud of the result, please embed the SoundCloud/YouTube link (+ your tips on this topic that I asked for) :stuck_out_tongue:

yes i have tried to make a cover of blade runner 2049, taking the original score of vangelis and try to make some variation on itand trying to get close to the hans zimmer sound color


Nice! Did you use the score (sheet music)? Where did you get it from?

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thanks a lot mikael
the score of vangelis can be find very easyly on the web, just make a search on google
and for this one i study the midi file for the sequenced bass
yes i use the piano score
but at 1’35 it is the variation based on the harmony of the original score

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It’s not only the notes, harmonies etc. This kind of music I believe the overall sound texture and ambience is very important. What synths did you use?

Also, is there a good site for piano reduced scores, meaning scores reduced to solo piano? I find those better to start from when analysing music.

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for the synth sound is a layer of two sound of the juno60 vst plugin i can give the complete list this afternoon, i am at work and i haven’t my DAW on my notebook
if you want i can make a scan of my score of the vangelis score and make a link here to be downloaded

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Ah, well I am after a good website where I can download scores (in piano sheet form) from all kinds of famous compositions. Not any specific, just a huge database, if it is available?

in this case the two best site i know are



and also


on imslp you can find nearly all classical music and domain public music
on scridb you can find a lot of very interresting score, document in pdf

for blade runner : https://musescore.com/user/81509/scores/98700

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so here is the complete list of the virtual instrument and hardware i have used on blade runner

  • JP8000 (bass)
  • Evolution atlantica
  • Evolution dragon
  • Damage
  • Juno60 (horny pad, etheral brass and big string)
  • Albion one (brass)
  • Olympus element
  • EW symphonic choir whisper
  • heavyocity gravity
  • Atmposphere

Hardware :

  • korg oasys 88 internal patch B065 and B033

all plugin are include in cubase 10
that’s all

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It is really cool that you still use hardware synthesizers. I used to have JP8000, but the electronics started to fail. I went all in the box a few years ago.

It is always more fun to tweak synths on hardware in my experience, so I miss it a bit. I have thought about getting a small analog synth, and use it both for its sounds and as controller for Omnisphere.

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a hardware synth is for me more intuitive than a virtual , i intend to buy a boutique from Roland i hesitate between the ju06a ,the sh01, the korg monolog is quite good.
there is also the wavestate from korg prety good wave sequencing or if i have more money the jupiter xm very powerfull

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I often start remaking existing famous pieces to practice and to get my own tracks to sound better, but I rarely finish them or post any of them anywhere because of copyrights and licenses. I’ll probably start uploading some of them to youtube whenever youtube’s music policies search starts working again (has been broken for a while now) so I can check which tracks are ok to upload and to prevent copyright strikes against my account.

I’ve found some of my remakes or remixes (and even my own compositions) in youtube uploaded by others though.

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there are a lot of remixes and extended versions of songs out there. as i read once, fan art is allowed.
but idk, if i can download a music sheet with midi, set my own instruments and upload it as my own work :confused:

The youtube content id algorithm will recognise the melodies even if you use another instrument to play them. You can’t make legal remixes or covers without asking for permission or paying for a sync license, but sometimes it’s enough that the copyright holder will put his own ads on your youtube video, that’s where the youtube music policies page comes in handy, but unfortunately it has been out of order for a while already.

I made a space themed track using Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells motif. The actual theme isn’t heard until towards the end, but it anchors the climactic outro. His albums Crises, Five Miles Out, Amarok and Songs of Distant Earth were big influences for me.

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Hey I hope i’m not too late to the post but yes, I’ve made a few in the past. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing them because they help train your ears. Here are a couple:

New Line Cinema logo: https://youtu.be/tDJNwV3wNV8
Lord of the Rings: https://youtu.be/9Xzt8YunrTw


Hey Joshua, of course it’s never to late to post in a topic here. Great idea about doing a cover of a cinematic logo stinger! :slight_smile: