Has anyone tried That Pitch website for licencing leads


was just wondering if anyone has tried https://www.thatpitch.com/ For finding and getting leads for music liciencing. Its sub based so not sure whether to try it.

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Hi @pj1240,

I just read through the site. Well, I am not sure it’s worth it, at least I am sceptical. Here is the reason. First, look how many opportunities they really have max. a month. They say 10-20. How many people will send out their tracks, not only from their site? Even if you have 20 people…in reality there will be 10000, you need to compete against ALL of them, especially production-wise, it’s like playing lotto. That’s what they actually write, if you read at the bottom of the site. It’s a lot of luck involved. Another thing like “waiting for your genre…”…you can wait for years, and then you feel like you need to make it now, because you paid already hundreds of bucks to send out tracks…Do you know XrayDog? The same concept, but MUCH more money, as you pay for every pitch at least 10$. You need to ask yourself, do you want to invest into your music, or into to a site, which absolutely can’t guarantee you any success. Do you see how many people on the site had success through them? I see like 3 people, and I can’t be sure at all. How do you know it? You can’t. You don’t have any video from them, no contact, no money-transfer etc. They write actually in a cool style and seem to be funky in terms of “we are real and we don’t lie”…Songtradr, the same…you pay to get “a chance”…you start to research “real” people who actually had success…you can’t find somebody who really did. In my opinion this “monthly-fee” sites only live because of a huge amount of people, who just pay, because 15$ don’t feel much in a month…but if you know that 100.000 guys as you are trying to get the same one gig, you know how much they earn. And even if it’s not a “lie”, you just need A LOT of luck to get a placement at this category.

I suggest you to find people, real people (real music supervisors), who work in this business and give them your music for feedback. If they like it, they will definitely put it somewhere and you will get much more out of it as you subscribe to these sites, which never give “real believable” success-stories price. Try to see it like a game of poker. You need to invest into this game, but need to make “logical” decisions. Step by step. If you go all in…you can win, but in most scenarios you lose everything you had. I mean, if you 100% sure, if you invest 10$ and will get 11$ or more out of it…it’s a good investment…but going ALL IN with cards, you never saw, (no information), is definitely not a good investment. :slight_smile:

What I see with ALL the subscription sites right now, you pay/serve not YOUR music, you pay/serve the site itself. Spotify, AppleMusic all that crap, which pays you 0,0002$ for a stream, but million people are paying these sites and they earn billions. I find, the only investment which you should make for your music is to invest in knowledge, gear and promotion. But definitely not supporting these kind of subscription sites, where you never get your musics and times value!

Kind regards,
Alexey (JLX)


Alexey - thanks :pray: for the detailed reply - some good advice there. I’ve never been sure about sub based sites for leads either.

Its not a business model I’m particularly fond of but at least this ones seems easy to try out. If you try it for 3 months at $45 and get nothing from it then you’re only down $45. If you land anything you’ll easily make a profit.

Whether it works for you I think is going to depend on entirely how good your stuff is and what the competition is. At those prices they likely have lots of composers going for each job and it won’t matter to them if you get it or not, they make their money from presenting an oppourtunity.

Essentially they do what any music agency is doing but they charge their composers up front for being part of the process. The other model is nothing up front but you split the license fee / royalties.