Happy New Year ! Would love some feedback on my latest epic score

Genre/Style : Epic/hybrid soundtrack

Creative Vision for the Track : This epic/action movie soundtrack took me quite a long time to compose (which is already on Spotify Deezer, apple since the 10th of August but that I didn’t post on YouTube) when I don’t have much time to compose (studies… French prépa). It’s the first time I’m experimenting in this genre, and I had a lot of fun, especially playing the main melody on the electric guitar for a bit of an epic/hybrid feel. I wanted it to feel pretty uplifting, as a theme for a main character in an action movie, a bit like Hans Zimmer for a full sound. The titel I chose was ‘One Last Chance’ as if there was quite some suspense and action.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc) : the chords I used for the main theme were pretty basic → G#m E6 F# C#m or Major. Then for the suspense part I used staccato strings and a bell to make it just a bit more tense.

Main Instruments used : I used mostly BBC Symphony Orchestra and a couple of synths, and for the melody it’s my electric guitar, to have a fuller and more original sound !

I hope you enjoy, any feedback, on what is right or wrong, would be much appreciated.

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Well done Alexis! It fit the hybrid/epic style really well (not a style I’m really good at :confounded:) If it were me, the only thing I’d do is expand the B section a bit more with some different instruments on a second melody. Just my creative style though–I tend to think more in classic film score style, so maybe that wouldn’t work? Sounds great though!


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Fantastic work Alexis!
I like how you could slowly evolve the idea and quite a clear structure.
the drama you sugest with the sound and harmony is well traceable.
just out of curiosity, how are you going to use this composition?

perhaps two suggestions… and one is perhaps more of a taste thing from my side.

I feel the sound colour is actually never opening up. it might be the mix. I actually went checking if it were my monitors, but it wasn’t… I think the cloudy muddy sound works wel, but everything is in contrast to appreciate. and it never really opens up to give a clear feeling. perhaps it was intended this way for dramatic purposes. but food for thought perhaps.

I think the bells in the beginning doesn’t connect with anything although it is the DNA op the rest of the piece. maybe you could do something with it returning… Also the sound file feels a bit out of context. maybe some extra mixing would help there.

and the taste thing… I have a classical background as an orchestral conductor but I do not know the pop and other light music stiles enough, that’s my fault. But the difference with classical orientated music and non classical orientated music is the dimension of dynamics. I think your piece would be so much stronger if you would also get dynamic contrasts.

Hope this helps. I’m also just a colleague struggling away so if you want to chuck it in the bin, you might be right doing so.


Thanks for the feedback @MaestroX !

Very insightful ! Yeah the mixing isn’t made on purpose, and it’s probably my worst area in terms of music, something I need to work on. And yeah for the dynamics I put less thought as the idea was for the soundtrack to be a bit epic and less classical (I am classical trained by the way and most of my compositions integrate dynamics as they are more classical). But with hindsight, as you said with more dynamics it would be better, especially for lower parts.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback it really helps, as I’m only 20 and doing this as a hobby for fun (next to my studies) !

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