Happy New Year! What are your plans for 2023?

Happy New Year to everyone at the Professional Composers Forum!

With 2022 gone (good riddance!) I am curious to hear what you have planned for 2023. Are you planning to take steps further into the professional side of composition? Sending music to stock libraries? Getting gigs as film/TV composers? Learning new instruments?

For myself, I am planing to improve my lifestyle and get a more complete daily routine to improve my health and personal workflow for composing. In 2022, I started to learn to play French horn and bass guitar, and relearned to replay trumpet and for this year I have bought a Bb clarinet and will try my hand at that. Composing wise, in 2022, I was planning to start sending music into stock libraries, but that never happened. For the new year, I’ve decided to write a full album of cinematic orchestral music inspired by and as compliment to artist Wang Ling’s *Ghostblade series for my own personal artistry and to get it professionally mastered and put up on digital music platforms.

Beyond that, I also have initial plans for two other albums for stock music libraries; one of dark suspense and creepy music (think Danny Elfman, or Kenichiro Suehiro’s score for Shadow’s House) the other is more hybrid cinematic action/sci-fi. That’s a lot on the plate, probably won’t be able to do it all, but we’ll see.

What are your thoughts and plans?

Hi Matt - I am working on expanding my arrangement skills by reimagining other composers work. Did an interesting version of Handel’s Largo from Xerxes and just posted a new version of Marta Keen’s Homeward Bound. Would be awesome to get some placement somewhere!