Happy New Year 2020 - Share your Big Goals! =)

Happy New Year everyone! :slight_smile:
What are your big goals for your journey in music, the industry, career etc. for 2020?



hello and happy new year from France
my big goal is to progress in orchestral composition, and perhaps have the opportunity to work again on a short film
my other big goal is to find more time to pratice more music, composition and develop creativity, my career as engineer is good and i don’t want more, i love my job, sometime it is hard with a lot of responsability and sometime is very easy, in fact it is like music sometime you have to compose big track for big project and sometime you some pretty little challenge that boost creativity nd imagination
and for 2020 i don’t want to leave that, this forum is very great, i am also registred on some composer group in FB and it is fantastic, every day i learn something, a tip for my DAW, tip for composition, in this forum it is the same thing, we are a great familly and together we share the same passion, the music , and let’s go for 2020 with lot of course, composition, challenge, film scoring, short film scoring, short track contest, project (whatever the size of the project, big, small budget, student project)

happy new year to all


Hello Mike, Happy. New Year!

This year I need to get better at sound design. I’ve also picked up a subscription to ProTools. It’s the industry standard, so it’s time I learned to use it.

I went to my first film networking event in about twenty years a few weeks ago. I plan to do more of that now and get better at the networking part, not the standing against the wall part.

I continue to practice and want to spend more time sampling sound.

All the best,




My main goal for 2020 is to LEARN a lot. Especially progress in composition theory. I am currently studying that. I also want to delve into sync library-work this year.

In addition, I am now working on a gladiator / spartan empire-type score. I want to complete this study-project in 2020.

Happy new year from the Netherlands.

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Hey Mikael, Im Only making one this year. Update my showreel. It’s a tad old now so it need some fresh life breathing into it. Then I’m just planning on enjoying the ride :slight_smile: excited to see what happens!

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Here my main job is in IT area and that is keeping me pretty busy ^^ that’s why i’m not making music a lot! ! but i enjoy composing music and hope one day i will become a great composer ^^ ! so i hope this year i will success to find a balance between my job and music composing so i will be learning more about music composing to improve my skills and compose a lot of great tracks ^^ !
Happy new year to everyone !

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Happy New year. My goal for this year is to get better at composing. And the goal after that is to learn mix and master my tracks. Maybe you Mike will have some courses in mixing and mastering :grinning:

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Great goals Fredrik, and yes I do think mixing and mastering is important, however I would say that 99% of music creators would benefit the most (when it comes to the overall quality of music) from deeper knowledge and practical experience in composition, theory, piano/keyboard, chords/harmony and so on. That being said, I do plan to make courses on both mixing and mastering this year. :wink:

Goals this year is to get stuck into music theory, composition and making more music. Still have on the backburner to learn to play keyboards properly as well. Work full time so could do with better workflow and time organisation but I don’t want to get rid of the play aspect of music creation and sound design.

Debating whether to try other DAWs as well although I do like Logic.

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