Handpan/Hang Library

Hey guys, I was looking for a handpan library.

I think this instrument is amazing and I would like to use it like textures, but I don’t know very well this instrument, could you help me on finding the right library.

I have found 3 lib. one is free, but really don’t know which is the “best”:

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sample hero have a great library
i have composed some tracks for a samplehero competition
it sounds very good

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Thank you, it’s not expensive so I can buy it now :smiley: this is great.

I’ll let you know how it is.

you can listen to some tracks i have composed with on my soundcloud webpage

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can you link to me? :slight_smile: here on in private don’t worry

yes of course

1: https://soundcloud.com/cosmozik/identity-search





hope that these little track bring you some idea of what is the handpan library

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