Halo Theme Christmas Mashup

Halo Christmas – O Come O Come Emmanuel

Epic Orchestral Hard Rock Video Game Music

Creative Vision for the Track:
I like to record something special for Christmas every year. This year I had the sudden strange thought to combine O Come O Come Emmanuel with the Halo theme.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
I thought the Gregorian choir part of Halo would fit nicely with the melody of Emmanuel. I was shocked at how perfect it was. Halo’s melody just kind of dropped in exactly as a harmony part. I think I only added 2 or 3 extra notes to it.

The structure of the piece is nearly 1 to 1 with Halo’s structure. The arrangement of this was mainly in fitting all the parts together and figuring out some extra chord changes.

Main Instruments used:

  • The orchestra is a mix of BBCSO and Hollywood Orchestra.
  • The choir is mostly my homemade New House Choir sample with a tiny bit of Hollywood Choirs and an old Garage Band Gregorian Choir mixed in.
  • Guitars are my Fender Strat recorded through my Positive Grid Spark40 amp.
  • I recorded an electric bass part using my Cort Curbow but I couldn’t get it to sound quite right so I gave up and used AmpleSound’s electric bass.
  • I used a lot of drums. I’m not even sure what all of them are, but there were a lot of samples found on Pianobook mixed with BBCSO, Hollywood Orchestra, Stormdrum, and EastWest ProDrummer.

Really cool idea Mike, it sounded great! Great sounding mix, too; still haven’t hit on the right recipe to get my mixes for this style. The drums are either too heavy or too quiet.

It’s cool how some old Christmas music seems to fit into other styles or as counter melodies to something else. Last year I started a rearrangement of the the main Star Wars theme, and fit it to "O Come All Ye Faithful😆 I never finished it though.

Awesome piece! Happy holidays to your and your family.

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Wow! O Come All Ye Jedi sounds like an awesome idea! If you finish that I definitely want to hear it.


I’m not at all familiar with the Halo theme, but that was a cool arrangement! Great choice of sounds, great energy. Really liked that rhythmic pattern that drives the piece. Very well done!


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