Guitar Amp VST Plugins for warm analog Marshall sound?

I already have (and don’t like) the stock guitar amp in Logic. And I do have Guitar Rig, which is so cluttered with effects and stuff.

I just want a really nice sounding guitar amp plugin, with a clean, nice and easy to use interface. Any suggestions?

Hi Mike,
Are You just looking for a plugin only or a
guitar processors that hooks up to Your computer via usb?

Guitar Amp plugin, I already have an amp-multi-FX outboard effect pedal.

I just want a clean really nice sound guitar amp plugin. I can add effects in the chain afterwards so I don’t need the clutter of Guitar Rig.

I have been looking at Softube Vintage Amp Room, but want more options and opinions first.

I wish I could be more helpful I am sorry all I have is guitar processor
I have not try any plugins
But I saw YouTube videos
On blue cat audio Re-Guitaring
Maybe this might be useful

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Hi Mike,
I tried a few guitar-amp VST-s (Guitar-Rig, Amplitube, Softube etc.), but I’m most satisfied with Scuffham S-Gear. It’s designed by Mike Scuffham, who worked as designer and engineer in Marshall. In my experience, it’s closest to real-amp (natural dynamic playing experience), great sound. Five amp models, a few great effects, and lots of useful presets. Simple usage. It’s not an emulation of specific Marshall models, but new designs with Marshall-type of sound character.


Just had a listen to it on a YouTube video now, it sure sounded great. Are there good dry presets with it, no reverb or delay I mean, just that warm Distortion tone?

Mike, to be clear, will you be playing a real guitar into a DI? If so I have a recommendation for THE PRODUCT YOU NEED.

If you’re just wanting a Marshall emulation for all instruments, never mind!

Electric Guitar straight into my audio interface with direct signal yes. I am looking for a very organic warm distortion tone. Can’t get it with the stock amp in Logic.

In S-Gear, most presets have some reverb or delay. There is a global bypass for all FX-s. I rarely use presets. I like to choose an amp, turn off FX-s, dial few knobs for the tone, and add FX-s externally, in my DAW-mixer.

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Yeah that’s what I prefer too, just a clean amp with a really dynamic warm distortion, without “wet” FX.

+1 for the S-Gear. I have it included in my Slate bundle, it has only a handful of amps but done well and its more focused on amps than FX, next best thing to my Kemper for DI style recording.

Ok so here is a real, truly amazing secret to great guitar tones inside the box. It’s a secret because hardly anybody knows it.

I suppose it’s possible Logic’s amp simulator is lousy but I feel like with this product I could get gorgeous overdrive with any simulator on the market. And without this, it’s probably going to be a little lifeless.

You’re going to think I’m nuts, but get one of these:

I didn’t believe it until it was proven to me. You need your guitar’s electronics to interact with tubes. I don’t understand why, but a guitar into a DI just doesn’t sound beautiful. This will fix it the problem.

And the variable impedance allows you to dial “bite” into your tone in a way different from eq.

It’s a subtle difference, but this device gets your virtual amp sounding like it’s supposed to.

I almost hate to give up this secret, because I’m the only person I know of who uses this product for this purpose. But I’ll post an example of it in a moment.


I will add: I am a totally scientific-minded, no-ghost-believing skeptic about everything. I thought it was total BS that having my guitar “see tubes first” would make a difference in my tone. I had to have it proven to me in an A-B test, guitar-into-amp versus guitar-into-DI, recorded and then re-amped using the same amp and settings.

The DI ruined the sound of the physical tube amp! I bought this box to try to repair this problem so I could re-amp and I discovered that it made virtual amps a viable option again!

And no I’m not associated with the company! This is just that rare product that blew my mind.

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Here. These guitar tones are all using the Black Box and a virtual amp. I probably used guitar rig and took all the stupid effects off. It doesn’t hurt that I’m playing a beautiful Paul Reed Smith semi-hollow-body with great humbuckers. I couldn’t get that tone from just any guitar.


Wow that is very interesting. I will probably not go there straight away, but will definitely consider it for later. :slight_smile:

Mike I was wondering what kind of guitar Parts ?
What Key?

Ah I forgot to mention that Brian. Well, honestly mainly rhythm guitar, and mainly powerchords and riffs. Not too distorted, so more classic power rock sounds like 80s sound of rock guitars.

Let’s see, some real examples:
Phil Collins - You can’t dance
Michael Jackson - Black or White

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Love the 80’s great sounds
Do You have a backing track we all could try and see what everyone can come with for learning purpose only ?

No sorry no backing track, I just want to improve my guitar sound and performances too to be honest lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mike No worries :wink:
If You Like when Your done please post it :grinning:

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