Great Leveling Plugin For Vocals On Sale!

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I just found this “Level Plugin” from Accusonus!

Check it out, it works really great on vocals! And it’s now only 8€!

It’s not a compressor. It just levels the audio in a natural way, depends on your settings. If you work with vocals, you know how long it takes to level them properly. This one is definitely a shortcut!

I need to try on other instruments as well.

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Just tried this - it works really well- great time saver. Should be handy for voice overs etc as well

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If I understand correctly with this plugin we can avoid clip gain correction on the audio track? For the price, I think it’s worthwhile to try…

Hi @Fab,

almost. Imagine you have a LA-2A, leveling compressor/limiter, however you still hear the sound naturally, and not compressed. That’s a big difference. It acts in real-time, and after printing the file you see the result. The waveforms are super equal, and when you set it right, you won’t hear bad pumping artifacts. Even if it’s 9€, I always suggest getting a trial version, so you can decide weither it’s worth it or not. After trying it out, it’s a „no-brainer“ for me. It’s sounds silly, but when I think back how much time I have invested in adjusting gains, you lose too much time, and earn less money for more hours invested.

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Alexey :slight_smile:

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Ah! No brainer for me either, I’ve just purchased it. Thank you!

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