Great Books for Composers

Hello Composers! =)
These are my personal top tips on great books for composers, to help you evolve your music knowledge, practical skills and professional career in music! :smiley:

Great Books for Composers

PS. Please share your own tips on great books for composers in a reply below! :slight_smile:



you can add :

  • the study of orchestration from Adler
    there is also his workbook
  • the guide of midi orchestration
  • the orchestration guide from charles koechlin in 4 volume but not sure if there is an english version

For complete beginners to composition, the “Idiot’s Guide to Music Composition” is great:

And then for those interested in film scoring specifically, the “go-to” guide is Fred Karlin and Rayburn Wright’s “On The Track” :

There are too many other good ones to list, but if I had to recommend just ONE book for film scoring, it’d be that one!

Incidentally, I just interviewed the author (Michael Kruk) of “An Introduction to Writing Music For Television” that you mentioned above - that’ll be released this week. I’ll update this post with the link when it’s live :slight_smile:

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Haha how cool, because I also just interviewed Michael for my website/blog, I’ve done another interview with him before. And I also read his new book which is truly amazing in my opinon! :smiley:

My interview with him will be published this week too :wink:

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For real stoics of music theory I learnt from these two books:-

Kitson - Elementary Harmony
Lovelock - Free counterpoint

They both set me up for writing in four part harmony for choirs.