Great Ambient/Tension FX Plugins?

Please suggest Tension FX Creation Instrument Plugins
I want to dive more into ambient music. So I would like to get suggestions of great Soundscapes & Tension FX instruments. Not samples, but instruments that you can shape and morph the sound with easily to create new and unique textures.

I already have these:

  • Native Instruments - Thrill
  • Omnisphere - Soundscapes Category
  • Alchemy - Soundscapes Category
  • Dronar Master Edition

What other Tension FX Instruments & Plugins can you recommend?

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hello mikael
yes thrill from Native is very good
there is also zero G Outer limit
ethera gold,
there is some intressting drone in the project sam orchestral essential
in keepforest evolution atlantica and evolution dragon

i have also heard some demo from spitfire enigma and 8dio hybrid tools


Have a look at Slate And Ash’s AURAS. Get out your favorite weird multi-axis controller and beat it up.

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