Gravitation - Latest Metapop competition entry

We were given five samples to use (use at least one or more), and a minute-long video to score.
The video was quite dramatic, in a weird sci-fi sort of way, and certainly seemed to bring out a fair bit of weirdness in some of the other entries!

BPM is conveniently 120! (I use this site: [ ] as a helper when finding a tempo based on markers, I’d be interested to know how others do this?

It’s in C minor, what few notes there are. With another recent contest in mind that gave you a motif to use, I came up with a simple 4-note motif for this - B C B Eb. Didn’t really vary it, I felt there were enough shenanigans going on elsewhere!

I used three of the given samples, and added (I quote from my entry on Metapop): “…Straylight, 8Dio NEO for blasts, booms & bangs (!), 8Dio CASE Cellos, Hyperion Strings playing Bartok pizzicato, and Sonixinema’s London Boyd piano from their Legacy Bundle (I actually have a “real” one of these pianos, over 100 years old & still going strong - and this sampled version is pretty accurate!)…”

I was going for a kind of apocalyptic, sci-fi feel, probably after hearing the provided samples…!

The video follows, constructive criticism always appreciated! Enjoy… :grin:


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