God I hate USB-hubs

I’ve suffered sooooo much from faulty USB-hubs suddenly loosing connection. I thrown literally 4-5 hubs in the trash. Why oh why are they so unreliable?

For the record I have like 20 USB-devices connected to my computer, a few has to be DIRECTLY connected to the computer’s 4 USB-inputs in order to even work properly. I have to use 4 USB-hubs in order to even cope. 2 with external power, 2 powered by the bus.

Any advice on USB-hubs that actually work for studio grade stability?

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I’m interested too… Fortunately, I have plenty of USB root hubs on my massive gaming motherboard, so nothing particularly important relies on external hubs, but the few hubs I have (one “proper” USB3 one, and a few small ones in my screens) still induce this “unreliable consumer crap” feel that’s plagued the whole USB thing all the way… :-1:

Perhaps USB-C is better? Or Thunderbolt 3 to USB? However those are not an option for me sadly on my 2013 iMac.

I believe it can be my insane amount of USB-devices too, many which draw some power like external SSD-drives and such.

However, I still would pay for a professional USB-hub that works and is super stable, instead of all this Amazon china made crap :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve got the StarTech.com 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub (5 Gbps) - Metal Enclosure Powered USB Expander and Splitter Hub. Never had a problem with it but there not cheap. USB is backwardly compatible so works with usb 2 stuff fine as well.

Also have Belkin 4 port powered https://www.belkin.com/th/p/P-F4U073/ which my wife uses and that seems pretty good as well.

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Thanks Phil, I’ll check that one out and hopefully it will solve my USB issues. :slight_smile:

i hope you will find a solution for your problem
i have made a little research on the web i find this one with 16 usb port:

seems to be very powerfull with a high power of energy

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i have find also a 19’’ rack mount usb hub but cost a lot but very pro


Although that being said, I currently have an Anker 7-port powered USB hub that I THINK I bought via the Apple store along with my iMac (thinking that something vouched for by the company selling my computer would be a sensible buy)…

…and it’s been going strong for almost 5 years now!

I try to have non-essential stuff going into the hub, and essential things directly into the iMac (so, keyboards and peripherals into the hub, drives and interface into the iMac).

But, yeah, dodgy connections was a big motivator for me to streamline and minimalise my setup, for sure!

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Problem is that I have 5 external drives, 2 audio interfaces (one being the mixer), 2 full hd cameras, 5 MIDI controllers and so on and so forth. Insane amount of “important” devices that in the best of worlds would go directly into my Mac, but sadly no computer have 20 USB ports! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Mikael: I had a problem with 2 USB hubs.They were crashing my Mac Mini.I had to figure out what was causing it.It was some cheap USB hubs from Ebay.I googled the best hubs came up with “ANKER” Never had a problem since. The End.

Just Curious.Why do you have 5 Midi Controllers?

I will buy a high quality and more expensive USB/hub soon so I can avoid these issues. I have 2 MIDI keyboards, 1 breath controller, 1 drum pad, plus an extra keyboard I connect for jamming sometimes because it is a keytar. Then I have lots of video gear connected to USB. Webcams, professional cams etc. The list is long with USB-devices I have connected.

why don’t you use the midi port to avoid to use the usb port of some of your keyboard it will reduce usb problem

Because I only have 4 USB ports on my computer, and I have in total over 20 devices connected to USB :stuck_out_tongue:

Example, my audio interface and my Pro camera input must be connected directly to computer to work properly so that is 2 used right there.

EDIT: Oh MIDI port. I mis-read that. I have no MIDI input on my audio interface.

if you don’t want usb problem or midi problem you need to buy high quality devices but you also had to pay the price for it
the difference between a cheaper usb port and a high quality is the price sure but you may not have problem on high quality

do you try tro add a usb board in your computer i don’t if it exist for mac if you have a mac

I have an iMac 2013 model, there is no way to install any boards on it.

oh ok it is all inclusive :wink: but very good computer so you don’t have choice you had to add usb hub to connect everything you need

I want to some day buy the new Mac Pro, because I love all Mac software/apps I use and OS X, but I hate that most Macs you can not install computer components to upgrade. Only this new modular Mac Pro can do that.

Remember, I have an entire music production AND video production studio in one place lol. So much equipment and things that can have issues haha. So I want to have the best and most stable of all hardware I can get. Including MIDI Keyboards and everything. No cheap stuff, because I hate issues with tech and gear more than anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

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