Ghosts of an Ancient City (Scary/World)

My Creative Goal for the Music:
This is a video game track for a haunted ancient city,once powerful but abandoned thousands of years ago, inhabited by ghosts. The city is inspired by ancient Mesopotamian cities.

Main Instruments/Sounds:
It begins with creepy low male choir notes with the percussion, and a Middle Eastern string instrument. I used both Middle East percussion and Hawaiian percussion to give it an exotic feel and sound to it. I also used a cello with tremelo to add tension. The track picks up with a majestic tone with a French horn section and cymbals that reflect the city’s former power. I doubled the sound of the French horns with a knotweed flute and bassoon. The track ends with a spooky ethereal tune played with women’s choir. I used Garritan Personal Orchestra and Garritan World Instruments for all the instruments and percussion and Soundirion Olympus Micro Choir for the choir.


Nice I think the harmonies do sound haunting.

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