Geoff Evans - Composer/Producer

Hey all!

I’m Geoff and I run a small music production Business that focuses on composition, small recording sessions and various personal local lesson packs.

My main genres of composition are Orchestral, Trailer, Thriller, Pad and ethereal Music, piano pieces, sonatas and chamber music.

I also work a lot with songwriting in pop,folk, country and rock, and I’m proficient at Guitar and voice.

Here are my channels if you are interested in following me. Thank you!!

Facebook - The media man FB Page link

Instagram - @themediaman09

Basic website (needs updating) - Home page

Soundcloud - Page

YouTube - Need to update this as I have a lot to add to it but there’s still some singer songwriters stuff on here :slight_smile:
Twitter - Home page

So that’s me in a nut shell. I’m very much enjoying seeing all of your profiles too. Expect some likes and follows from me!