Game Dev Market - Experience?

I just found this marketplace for game assets. Where we can sell music packs and sound effects etc. Does anyone have any experience with this website, or any other service like it?

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No experience myself but have a friend who sell music at Unity. Cheap prices but back end money through Adrev by peoples YT videos from games where the music has been used, ha ha :slight_smile:


oh cool, do you know any more websites like this where we can sell our music and sound fx directly to developers?

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Nope, but I guess that some of the other big engines for games might have stores, but don’t know.

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Check out too. It’s like indie game wonderland… people there sells everything… from indie games to graphic packs to sound fxs to music. :slight_smile:

The Unity assets store too is cool, as Stephan suggested… mainly because it’s the Unity Game Engine official asset store that can be accessed directly inside the game engine.

This means that, for example, while a developer is working inside Unity, if he think he needs something, he will open up the unity asset store and search/buy directly while working :slight_smile:

Also… I’d check out if Unreal and Godot engines have dedicated shops (other two popular game engines out there)… perhaps even game maker studio.


There’s game assets marketplace


unreal marketplace

These sites are good because of their share percentage, with Pond5 you get 35% of sales, but with unity asset store you get 70%, unreal marketplace you get 88% and game assets marketplace you get 90% of the sale price. I’ve had decent amount of success in unity asset store, for unreal you need to have a bigger bundle to be accepted (my pack of 50 SFX and music wasn’t big enough). Game assets marketplace is quite new and I don’t know if they’re getting traffic or not.

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That’s a really nice commission share. I hate marketplaces that give you less than 50% as it seems unfair.

What kind of SFX did you include in your asset pack?

Most asset packs in different game assets marketplaces are pretty random, just collections of different sounds or music, or what ever the asset, like 5000 random sfx for example, I can’t compete with those since it would take me ages to record and design 5000 sounds, so I made an themed casino sounds pack and now I’m making different themes with the same concept to expand on it and maybe selling them also as a bundle at some point.

An important part of the job is to scour the libraries and their categories for things they’re either completely missing or where there’s little competition or the quality of competition is bad overall so you can dominate a certain, even a tiny category with high quality assets, not just to make assets and upload them. Like in audiojungle the epic/corporate music categories are so full really high quality assets that it’s difficult to make sales unless your asset is superior compared to the rest, I like to focus on the smaller categories, it might not make you as much money as making it in a popular category, but if you make a superior asset when people look for a niche item, your asset is the one they’re going to pick.