Fundraising for Red Cross for Covid-19

With the current situation of COVID-19 getting a grip on most of the countries in this world, I have decided to start a fundraising for the Red Cross.

Why the Red Cross? The Red Cross is active with thousands of volunteers (me included) on the ground to help out the people in direct need. From doing shoppings for the ones sick and in quarantaine, delivering medicines, advice, logistics and much much more. These actions make a difference.

I am doing a fundraising with 3 libraries now and this may be expanded (or swapped) in the upcoming weeks. All the 3 libraries for the fundraising are 66% off their normal price and all the proceeds go directly to the Red Cross.
The libraries for the fundraising are:

Flow for Kontakt 5 - ā‚¬20.00

Empty Fields F2 for Omnisphere 2 - ā‚¬25.00

The Stand for VPS Avenger.- ā‚¬15.00

On the Triple Spiral Audio Facebook page I will do a weekly update on the donations and changes. I am undecided yet on how long I will run this fundraising, but for at least 2 weeks. After those 2 weeks I might swap the products or add products.

Stay safe and healthy!


Just picked up flow - wish Iā€™d got omnisphere as Emty fields sounds amazing. Thanks for making this for a good cause.

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Thanks for picking it up Phil and for the kind words!

I am volunteer for the Red Cross already for more then 10 years and in the last days there have been put quite a lot of workload upon us volunteers in the region where I live and I hope I can make with this fundraising a nice contribution as it such great work that is done atm by the Red Cross allaround.
Thanks and I hope you enjoy the sounds of Flow and nice to hear you liked the sound of Empty Fields so much. One of my most favorite projects I have done. Cheers!

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just buy flow for kontakt
i like it and you have a great idea to make the fundraising for the red cross
stay safe and healthy


Thank you very much Florent and you too!

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