Free time on hands - free mix

Hey all,

Due to the recent pandemic I have a little spare time on my hands.

If any of you have a project you’d like a professional mix of and you don’t mind me turning my hand to it, please feel free to send me your stems with a bit of info to help me on my way.

I’d just need to know

  • BPM
  • key
  • link to a track you’d like me to reference towards if you have anything in mind. :slight_smile:

My email address is if any of you are interested.

I hope that you are all doing ok in these crazy times!!

Stay safe!


Big thank you to @Fredrik for getting in touch to mix your track. Awesome to collaborate!

If anyone else would like to send me anything to mix/master then please feel free to drop me an email. It’s free, just an excuse to help eachother and have fun together :smiley:

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