Free Drumforge Drumshotz Mega Pack and Unreleased Snare Bombs and Sub Drops Pack

Via Joey Sturgis Tones - win a day with Machine competition. You need to like a couple of social media links to get the points to get a Drumforge Drumshoz mega pack for free but it’s pretty quick. Just for entering the competition you receive an unreleased Snare Bombs and Sub Drops pack.

Hey Siohban,
Are these packs worth the time and good for orchestras?

No idea, they are not intended for orchestras, more rock / metal really. I opened one pack, they come as 48 kWz sample rate WAV files. They do sell a sampler separately but it should be possible to add them to the Logic sampler I think, I just haven’t tried doing this yet. I think Joey Sturgis Tones have a video on Youtube showing how you can use them without additional software. The Drumforge website also has some links to Soundcloud etc showing them in use.

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