Forever Cherished - A love song to my wife

I wrote this song when I was dating my girlfriend whose now my wife of over 20 years. I wrote it for her on the guitar but have always wanted to add some additional instruments. I finally got around to it (lol)

I wanted to add some depth to the song but not complicate it. The vocal and guitar were to be the focal instruments followed by the cellos. The bridge is my favorite part but I didn’t want to over do it so I used some violins and violas to help carry the listener to a higher place.

The song is in the key of C 2/4 time with a tempo around 70.

This is my first attempt to add instruments, mix, and master. The intro and verse 1 of the song uses the guitar and cellos. All the strings are from the BBC Discover plugin. My guitar was an Alvarez.

Moving into the second verse I added the bass and percussion. I used the fretless bass from Logic Pro X. I had no idea on adding drums myself so I started off with Drummer in Logic. After I got close to what I thought sounded good I then converted it to midi and made a few changes.

The bridge is my favorite part. I added violins in the upper chord parts and violas in the middle panning each left and right to broaden out the sound. The cellos took the low end of the chords with the bass.

I have no experience in mixing/mastering so I used mostly nectar 3, Space D, and BPB saturation for the vocal. Neutron 3 for the instrumental tracks. BPB saturation for the guitar. I also used Cymatics Diablo Lite with the percussion. On my master track I used Neutron 3 Visual mixer, Ozone 9 advanced, and LEVELS.

I hope you enjoy the song.

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That is so nice!!! Really like the content, reminds me a little of John Denver (a wonderful story teller). Mix could use a little tightening, especially on the low end. Beautiful song. Really, really like it!

Thank you for your comment Stuart. Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully as I learn more about mixing/mastering I’ll learn how to tighten things up. I greatly appreciated the feedback.

Kind regards,

Chris- very nice! Wish my first mixes sounded as good as yours does!
Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt song with us.


Thank you Steven for your kind words and taking the time to listen to my song.