For finger drumming midi pads

What do others use
The have great velocity sensitivity
From very light touch To gradually all the way up to heavy touch?to gradually all the way up to heavy touch

Do you also tap with your fingers on every table you sit behind? I do, until my wife stops me :sweat_smile:
So logically I was looking for this kind of instrument and I’ve chosen QuNexus. It’s very affordable for what it does (each pad has two sensitivity sensors, so you can truly transform your finger pressure to velocity / expression / modulation and pitch)
What I was disappointed with was that the pads are not equally sensitive. The difference is not fatal, but you can notice it. Solution to this is calibration, which you can do in the editor application, or with a plugin called “QuNexus Unleashed”, which is very handy, but works only in Reaper.


Thanks Adam I just check it out very nice
definitely going to put that on my wish list for future :grinning:

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