For As Long As We Have Now - Requlous

Genre/Style: Ambient

Creative Vision for the Track: A calm romantic yet sorrowful melody to remind people that the beauty of knowing people is in the quality of time shared, even if you must part ways - to try to create happy memories and to make the most of the time you have. Because for as long as we have now, we have forever.

I came up with this song years ago, but was only able to record it now. I was originally going to give it a symphonic treatment but realized playing it that the song and its message means so much more just in piano. I added the air synth to prolong certain notes as subtly as possible, because GarageBand doesn’t have the same Sad Piano SFX I use on my KORG to play this normally that has a really long sustain.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): C major, 4/4, 120 tempo

Main Instruments used:

Grand Piano
Air Synth

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Well done Ian! I really loved this piece. Sounded like it had a Mixolydian modal sound to it which really created a reflective, maybe a bit melancholy mood, but with a good dash of hope mixed in. Sometimes (probably most times) you can coax more feels from solo instruments or very light orchestrations.

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Thank you Matt, glad you liked it.

You’re right though. I also noticed that is drags the melancholy (good word for it) tone throughout more than I realized behind the hopeful sections.

With a single instrument a single person can convey their emotions more directly. I mean, you can even tell a lot about by person by giving them a Triangle to play and seeing how they go at it. :smiley: