First live twitch clip! - how to create EPIC percussion

Hey folks, here’s the first clip from my first ever twitch stream! I hope you enjoy.


I see I see. So, use 50 different drums to make it sound like one or two, but with enough low end and high end for the mix? Nice demo again. Now I see why it always just sound like one taiko and a snare. You don’t ever use any of the loop samples from Action Strikes do you? Probably too hard to mix them to get this same snappy sound, huh?

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I only use 3 or 4 drums. Not many at all. Taikos, snare, Damage Armageddon and Damage Plastic. That’s all you need.

I don’t think I ever have used them… but not because they’re hard to mix… just because you’d have to match your other drums to them so it would take longer.

The part of the stream I didn’t post shows how I mixed these… it was only an EQ and a compressor, both stock. I then sidechained them to a compressor and over compressed, and then blended that in to add more weight, and finally added reverb on a bus. Not a huge amount of processing at all really. :slight_smile:

I think there’s a big misconception that you have to do a lot to drums to get them huge… they’re already huge, you just need to subtly accent those huge bits and blend them together appropriately.

I obviously added a hit once a bar with 2 risers just to accent them affectively too. But that didn’t add to the girth, just the excitement. :slight_smile:

Really glad you enjoyed it too man. :smiley: join in one of the streams, would love to see you there. You can ask as many questions ass you like too!

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Ah, OK . The whole compression thingy is still a bit of a mystery to me when it comes to percussion. For the whole master, if needed, I just add it until the needles start to twitch—just a tad. I think I got that from Arn Anderson.

Love to be able to ask some questions live, just have that whole 6-hour time difference to contend with :grin:

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Yeah compression can be tricky. We can look at that every week though until we are blue in the face :wink:

I’m going to try and be consistent with my livestreams. So 7pm every Friday GMT (which I believe is 1pm for you??)

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