Firefight - Morricone style

This composition is indeed inspired on Morricone style. I have used some of his most common instruments like whistle, fender guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica, among others. I have used the library from EasWest instruments for the whole piece, plus nylon guitar and electric guitar.
It really reflects on the old far west ambient tries to convey a nostalgic emotion by using minor scales and stylistic instruments.

Hope you like it!


Nice thanks.
Certainly has that western feeling of Morricone. Nice choice of instruments.

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Thanks for your comments Fredrik.



Nice job. I think of all the tracks I’ve heard so far submitted, you have gotten the essence of those old Western scores the best. The dissonances and sparse use of select instruments helps to bring those instruments and emotions to the forefront, almost like a character in the movie.

The live nylon guitar helps keeps things organic. The electric guitar also nicely played. The sound too much low-end room ambience however and might have fit better with a thinner sounding, longer spring reverb type effect. The whistling sound, great that it was big, but the sound is hard cut/clipped at the start and should be ramped in. The flute whistles have a great haunting sound. Some nice melodic ideas with the dissonant trumpet. A bigger verb might have smoothed that sound out as well as some of the changes between instruments and sections. The track kind of looses steam about half way through for me and might have been stronger if edited down. Good work overall.


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Thanks for your complete feedback Brandon. I really appreciate it.

I have to say that I have learnt a lot while composing this piece.

Best wishes.



Definitely on the right track with instruments and style here. Some of the virtual instruments sound a bit synthetic, the mix could use some more reverb, and maybe actually a lot of it on certain instruments, as Morricone did for that “vast space” effect in many of his scores. Great and appropriate sounding guitar work!

Thank you David, much appreciated!! I get your point and I believe you are correct on your comments. Maybe more real instruments would improve it!.


Very unique piece Jorge. It definitely has an old Western movie sound to it and I liked the dissonant harmonies you used. The whistling added an authentic touch. I don’t know if you used some FX plugin, or just the way it was recored, but the overall mix had a very vintage sound to it, like it was recored in the 1950’s or something–it really added to the atmosphere.