Finally got a real orchestra to play my music...!

Well, I finally got a real orchestra to play (some of) my music! And it was an incredible, spine-tingling experience.

Here’s the first video to come from it:


…and here’s the second:

Son of Saul Theme - performed by the Prague Symphony Orchestra

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Wow! Congrats man! It sounds great! Was this something that you were selected for or that you paid for?

Thank you.

The slightly sad fact is I paid for it. But it was a pretty good deal: I got 72 mins of orchestra time, into which I squeezed two short pieces, audio & video recordings, mixing and mastering. And I think the total was about $3k. I couldn’t do it all the time…but as a special ‘treat’…:wink:

But the reception I’ve had to this - compared to my virtual version I released about two years ago has been night and day, so for me it’s definitely been worth it.

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$3k does not seem bad for that in my opinion, including video, mixing and mastering! That’s great! And great quality!

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Very beautiful and moving piece of music. Congrats. I loved it.

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Thank you so much. Very kind of you to say so.