FINAL TRACK: Soul Searching (Live)

Genre/Style: Live Piano

Creative Vision for the Track: I came up with this piece years ago as an outward expression of what love in my heart feels like as sound. Ever since it’s been a means for me to see if the heart of a person I like beats like my own - I usually don’t just perform it for the world to hear.

In all these years I didn’t actually realize it was 11:34 runtime until recording it. There are a couple stutters as I did it a single recording, some because my recording software’s keypress sensitivity can be wonky so apologies for that.

It has been wonderful meeting you all and hearing your amazing & creative works, and hearing feedback on my own amateur works. I hoped to find work and be able to continue working on and improving my music with you all but that’s sadly no longer going to be an option.

I don’t want anyone to worry - I’m not sharing this looking for sympathy or anything. I wanted to put this piece online and share it here with you because after having this crazy new worlds boot in my face since 2020, with the economic, job crisis where I live and EI finally running out the world is finally going to win this round and after a long hard fight for almost 2 years now I am out of options and going to be on the street next month. I don’t intend be on the streets long, it does allow me to migrate to a place where work may be easier to find, but I don’t know how long it may be before I’ll be able to get a new computer and keyboard to start playing and recording again.

Just preparing a bunch of stuff and wanted to put the piece most important to me out while I can. Hope you enjoy and that it can help you all do your own soul searching.

Stay safe and keep the music alive everyone! You’re all awesome. :hugs:

PS: If don’t reply to someone, my internets probably been shut off.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): May as well have confession time while we’re at it… I play by ear from memory and never had any lessons and if you put a gun to my head saying I had to play you a C… I’d have to guess. I’ve always just copied what my Garageband says and written it down here assuming it was telling my the truth. :sweat_smile:

Main Instruments used: Grand Piano


Beautiful piece – which becomes haunting upon reading your story - I hope your life path becomes clearer for you and you can find a positive trajectory

Thank you for this beautiful music!