Final mix for every speaker


I’m testing a pre mastered mix out on different speakers but I can’t seem to get the kick to come through on mobile phones / laptops without adding energy to the lower frequencies and affecting compression through the signal flow. Has anyone found a workaround/sample I can double up with on the kick drum that will add the sort of frequency I want without it affecting the mix? I’m using Rocket Man Elton John as my ref track.

Cheers, Bruce

So you don’t have the full mix in front of you? Only the stereo-file, am I right @indipirate?

If you have only the mix, I would do this as a rescue: Copy your mix and high/low-pass the octave frequency of your kick. If your fundamental is at 60Hz, then isolate around 120Hz. When you’ve done it, insert a saturation plugin and go until the point where you really hear the saturation going on. Dial this track to your original one.

Let me know if that helped! If not, we will find something else, which will work :slight_smile:

Best regards and take care,
Alexey (JLX)

If you have any problems about mixing go on you tube and check:
Produce like a pro, MixbusTV, Pensado’s Place and Puremix.

They have tons videos about sound production and will explain you and will show you in their videos how to solve any of your problems.
I always do it and it helps me a lot.