Film/Trailer composition in Logic

Yo everyone! I just got put on a trailer gig!!! Im super excited and I want to do this the best I can. When I import the movie into Logic the option to change tempo, time signature, insert markers, etc is gone?

I’m curious as to what your workflow is when dealing with making sure your tempo and time signature line up with the cuts of the scene.


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Hi @Gerald,

I’m not really into Logic anymore, but there should be a function for your marker-track, that it’s either beat-based or time-based. You should work of course with time-based markers, means that even if you have a different tempo here and there, the markers still stay at the right frame, where you put them before you start composing. If you will work with beat-based it won’t work, as the markers will move every time you adjust the tempo.

Hope I could help somehow!

Happy composing and take care!


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Its a bug, usually when you import or drop any video file in Logic , you can change the tempo, key signature and act with no problems.


It seemed like a bug, but wasnt sure. Newest version of Mojave and Logic. :frowning:

What format of the video are you trying to import to logic? Because I never had problems with mpeg4 but some other video formats can be not supported in Logic.

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Its a mp4. The video works and everything its judt the ability to change tempo and stuff has judt vanished. 30fps. 48k.

So it sounds like a bug, but what if import video to Logic and then try automation mode by pressing “A” on the keyboard. Maybe it will work out.

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Yea ill give it a shot. Im also going to check this video when I get home. Thanks for the info!

Sounds like the SMPTE time code is locked. Right click on the video on its track, go down to SMPTE LOCK and choose “Unlock SMPTE position”.