Film composer turned Beatmaker

Hi, I’m a film composer who decided to combine my love of music scoring with classic Hiphop beats.

I would be really interested in comments and feedback on what I have tried to create which is a beat tape with a story line interspersed. Trying to keep an ambient beat tape feel but also telling my story through character voices and bridging the gap between score and commercial music:

“Demal takes a break from radio DJ to help an old friend with his election campaign. Simon Morris is left in charge with a new show “Lightspeed Cruisin’”. Dr Loopscoff uses the Blu Swirl to hack the stations debut show and play his own political adverts for the election race. Demal must train and master the rarest of Kung Fu styles to defeat the Blu Swirl and save Simon Morris.”

Any comments welcomed

this is so cool really love the vibe!

Thanks so much for checking it out :+1: