Feedback Prior To Release

How do you best initiate feedback to evaluate and improve your creations before release?

Asking friends and family most likely results in positive comments, which, unless given by musical experts, paint a picture too nice to be true.

I tried a commercial service and bought some evaluations but they appeared unprofessional to me, as well.

So, what can an artist do to quality assure at least a decent level before submitting to potential listeners/ buyers / libraries?

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I’m going to be honest and open here. I have made music since 1998, and I have never ever got real detailed analysis of my music productions with constructive feedback in my career.

Fellow composers won’t do it because they don’t want to spend the amount of time it takes to properly analyze someone else’s track and write well structured and detailed feedback. Labels, publishers and libraries won’t do it, because time is money.

I have learned over time to:

  • Trust my instincts (does it sound good, where does it lack?)
  • Trust my ears (by referencing other tracks)
  • Trust the meters (LUFS-meter, Stereo Spectrogram, EQ balance etc.)

If you really really want that high professional level of analysis and feedback, I would think the best way is to pay for one-on-one consultation on Skype with a professional music producer that offers this service.

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If you want feedback for free - purely on the mix of your track try unlock your sound mix feedback

They give you some good pointers and help with getting your mix right.

It wont help with the actual musical content but at least you know if your mix is in the right ball park.

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