Featured Members of the Month (July)

Hello Composers, Mike here! :smiley:
I want to give a huge thanks to the most active & helpful members of this past month. This is my way of thanking them by featuring them in this official post.

Congratulations! You are all amazing! :sunglasses:


Thanks for the shoutout! Enjoying reading all the different posts. Working my way through your youtube channel atm as well! Some good stuff on there !

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Glad to have you here Ben, and I will find more ways to reward loyal and active members other than showing my gratitude in a shoutout. Btw, did you get the Member Bonuses? I made some sample packs that are discounted 100% for members of this community! =)

Check them out here in another topic in the START HERE section.

Cheers man, pleasure to help others! Enjoying the community! It’s also great to hear what other people are doing and using! Some things I’ve never considered which makes me want to try them… :smiley:

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Literally only been a couple of days, and Ive already learned so much from my fellow composers! Such a great idea man. :grin:


Haha, but it IS the end of the month. And I wanted to kick it off right away with this Featured Members post, which I intend to do every month. :wink:

you mean the rise and the sud drop fx files? I did indeed! already put em to good use thanks! Was looking for something like that for ageeeees!

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Haha, it took me 3 weeks to make those packs so put them to good use my friend! :stuck_out_tongue:
But honestly I made them for myself first and foremost. As I lacked packs that had all risers and downers per pitch. Lots of risers, but then you have to transpose audio, which adds an extra step and can often add articats in thee audio.

Thank you for forming the community, Mike! Really appreciate your effort and many thanks to all the people, who I do not (yet) know for posting such valuable information! It really is a step forward for the whole community.

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Btw, I have written a nice introduction that summarize all the visions and guidelines of the community, check it out here: INTRODUCTION: About this Community

Even made a video trailer :wink: