Fantasy Celtic - Ancient Origins

Hi everyone! I’m an independent composer from the south of Italy! I present my latest work :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed using instruments with different sounds to create variety in the song.

Many instruments such as flutes and bagpipes come from Era Medieval Legends, others from cinewinds. For the choirs I used requiem and olympus both and for percussion Apocalypse Percussion… I used a lot of Soundiron stuff! (they are doing Christmas Sale! c’mon!)
Strings: cinestrings 2, emotional cello
Vox: ethera

For mixing I worked a lot on subgroups using Acoustics Audio, UAD, Plugin Alliance and something Waves plugins

For mastering I tried to do my best but I’m not an ME, so: teletronix in parallel compression, manley massive passive, taupetape(acustica audio), corrective eq: acon digital equalizer
limiter oxford inflator

I hope you like it and let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

ps: I hope to play better than I write in English


So very, very good. If I could do anything half as good I would be satisfied.

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Amazing so much detail and I love the range of instruments. Something to aim towards - fantastic work

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I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love the libraries of Edoardo Tarilone! Some instruments are sampled really well

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Wow Nicola, very nice music. Excuse my English, I’m from Spain and here we have a premade sentence where you express how awesome is something. “Piel de gallina” , in English is “Chicken Skin” :joy:

Hope you the best!

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Tony I’m happy you liked it! probably “piel de gallina” is what in Italy we call “pelle d’oca” :slight_smile: and I’m glad for this. Thank you!

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That is beautiful! I really like the sound of those flute parts.

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