Expression and Modulation for short strings - help needed

I am finally getting the hang-of expression and modulation on long strings but, I am having trouble figuring out how something like the following would be automated for expression and modulation

This is a spiccato part

V1: blue

V2: aqua

Va: purple

As there are just a couple of short notes on each track, what would the expression and modulation look like?

Thank you as always

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Most virtual instruments use NoteOn velocity instead of the mod wheel for shorts.

And BTW, what some refer to as “expression” - that is, not the mod wheel - is basically just a volume control, rather than expression, and you should NOT use that if you want a realistic dynamic performance. I suspect that feature may still work on shorts in most cases. Not sure what the standard is there, as I basically only use it to fake niente on instrument don’t have an option to enable that via the normal dynamics (mod wheel) control.

Hi David - thank you for taking the time to respond. I know that expression and modulation are different parameters. I usually use expression on longs to have the note come in less abruptly.

I am just not sure how most people here use expression and modulation or short strings

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking…

From a musical/artistic point of view, there are infinite possibilities, but a good starting point is to use the dynamics to reinforce the rhythm.

From the technical point of view, as I said, most instruments implement shorts differently (more like triggers; no continuous control), so you need to work with the note event velocities instead of the mod wheel controller.

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OK that was the heart of my question - whether there was a certain technique on shorts I should learn

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