Epic battle music contest - Final Glory

Here’s my entry, didn’t have as long as i’d like on it but happy with what I managed to cobble together so hope you enjoy :slight_smile:
Tempo was 180 bpm, changing from 3/4 to 6/8,

Theme was very much a final battle that doesn’t go as planned so there’s the pained theme in there where perhaps hero dies or battle goes south, as well as lovers theme in there as he goes off to face final battle.

Hasn’t been mastered so obviously rough mix :slight_smile: I’ve done a general levelling.


That sounds great! I like the contrast between the vocal soloist and the more powerful sounds.

Love this - especially low brass - and vocals - what did you use for solo vocal?

Hello Ben,

Good track you posted here. I enjoyed listening to this one. If you allow me to give you feedback: your automation occasionally makes a small glitch. For example on 2:05. Your note (the B, I think?) lasts a little too long so that it can be heard shortly at the start of the next note. If you still want to have the note read so long, it is best to create a new track for the next note. Apart from that, this is without a doubt a good composition!

Thanks for feedback :slight_smile: yeh I noticed that as soon as i uploaded it :confused: the midi was overlapping and it freaked out lol.