Epic Battle Music Contest - Combat Heroes

Hi all!
Here’s my submission for the December Contest.
Tempo is 175 BPM, and it’s in 7/4.
(I got the idea of using a wonky time signature from LotR where the Orcs march on Minas Tirith, although that’s in 5/4…!). Writing a melody in 7/4 is a challenge in itself… :flushed:

Made in Reaper.

Instruments used:
8Dio Hybrid Drums 8D8
8Dio Hybrid Tools NEO
Epic Trailer Sounds Freebie
Djemko War Ensemble
Kontakt Factory Library
Ethera Gold Chamber Choir
Hyperion Strings Elements
Albion One*
Spitfire Epic Brass/Woodwind
NI “Raum” Reverb
Ozone 8 Elements on master track

*(Only just got this with their wishlist discount, used mainly for the brass & some percussion, still getting the hang of it!)

Still very new to this, hope you enjoy!! :grin:


Hey Aidan. Really enjoyed the melody of this track! Be careful of repeating yourself too much on the start. Mix it up a little as you go just to keep interest :slight_smile: keep up the great work!

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Excellent advice from Geoffers - originally the melody was the second of two. The first melody was too “ nice ”, so I took it out (I’m sure I’ll recycle it somewhere else!). I’d filled in where it had been with a longer intro, when what I should have done was just cut that section out altogether.
Many thanks for the idea, Geoffers, I’m much happier with this version (replaced below)!!

(I hope it’s ok to ask for this new, shorter version to be considered instead?) :flushed::grin:


Hey man, much improved version, well done. It’s coming along well. I’ve recently posted ten tips of approaching a piece. Go and check it out, I think you’ll find it useful :slight_smile: all the best!

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Hi Geoff, thank you! Those tips are spot-on.
(I was seriously thinking the other day that I should put a large sign above my monitors that says “Less is More”, then I see you have it as #5…!) :+1:

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Lol it’s definitely a thing that we need to remember. There would be loads more tips I would have added if I had top 50 tips as the title though :wink: that sign does sound like a great idea though!

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good track - really like the strings. Especially the intro. Almost fanfare melody need the start.

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Thank you Phil!
I think I get what you mean, re: the melody, it could maybe do with some brass introduction leading up to the melody* - a good point, & I’ll remember that! :+1:

*(Perhaps there was, but they just couldn’t get the brass section out of the pub in time…) :wink:

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great composition, the first time i have heard it , i think it was a final fantasy VII music on playstation one,
if i can suggest some idea :
you stay a lot in the middle and the trebble and there is not enough bass , you can use for that double bass in pizzicato or staccato, or why not brass like the tuba doubled by the trombone in the low range
the basses is very rich in harmonic and can amplify the sound you have choosen
the tempo for me is too slow i think it is because you have set a 7/4 in your composition even if you have a tempo of 175 bpm
i don’t know what you have used for the brass, but to me for an epic track , the brass will be louder and ‘cuivré’ to bring the color of battle and epic
it is a very good theme and match perfect for a video game like final fnatasy

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Hi Florent, thank you for your comment!
Agreed, there is definitely more work needed. Voting day was the first time I’d listened to all the tracks side by side, and I noticed mine lacked a lot of “sparkle”, compared to everybody else’s…!
I used a combination of Albion One brass and Factory Library for the brass. The low end was doubled, but I think it’s a mixing & EQ issue (to start with…).
Also, yes, the tempo isn’t right either - it might take a while, but I’ll have a little play around and see what I can do - it’s all part of the learning curve!
Thanks for your comments, it’s really helpful! :smile::+1: