Epic Battle Music Contest - A Heroes End

Hey guys i actually got about 4 hours free to put some time into writing a short piece for this contest! I’ve also gone into as much detail as i can just incase anyone is intrigued in how i went about writing and arranging the piece.

A Heroes End. —>

A Heroes End

I have structured this track into three episodes. In the first episode I wanted to depict the willingness for the protagonist to pick up his arms and move towards the battle field. in this section i used low drones, reversed sounds, horns, strings, Braam like sounds, hybrid sounds and Booms to create a brooding texture. i aslo used string stings and risers to create tension building towards the episodes climax, which is how each of the episodes finish.

Then We move to the second Episode where the battle begins and the energy slowly builds. The percussion now enter in a stronger more established way, reinforcing the strong beats of the section while growing in intensity as we approach the break. more established Braams now enter which are reinforced by the strings as the Horns and Trombones establish the earlier ambiguous key signature of C minor (earlier the key signature also pointed towards C lydian Dominant).

A brief Downer break accompanied by risers and reversed cymbals take center stage, a brief moment of silenceoccurs before the entrance of the final section.
For the final episode all of the typical orchestral sections enter to create a tutti bed for the Spiccatto strings, Piano and bells and percussion. now we also have more hybrid elements which reinforce the accented beats of the melody which is played in the Violins, Cello, French Horns and Synths.

Libraries Used.

  • Albion 1(Horn, Strings and Multi Patches)
  • Spitfire studio Strings
  • Action Strikes
  • Damage
  • The Grandeur
  • The Giant
  • eDNA Earth
  • Flow/Motion by Waves
  • Kinetic Metal
  • Spitfires Drama Toolkit (for emotive lead lines)

Theres a few others that i used as layers, but i cant really remember off the top of my head.

Plugins Used

generally i used stock plugins in Logic, along with various Waves Plugins which included the Mix Centric, Shepps Omni Channel (which is my favourite plugin!) and the Bass Rider.
the main Verb i used was Logics ChromaVerb which is a very very nice reverb. it incorporates 2 EQ stages and a space designer suite which i set to Dark hall and rolled the top and bottom of the verb off so that i could keep the clarioty of the instruments i was using.


Really like this track - lovely build and really like the mix

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Hey Phil!

Really means a lot to hear that. Only had around 3/4 hours to write and mix it so I was pushing it time wise with where I’m at in my work flow.

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It sounds great. It has a very tense and exciting sound to it.

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Thank you Robin! Tried to follow the brief as much as I could.