Enhancia - Ring for MIDI Expression

Hello Composers,
Lots of new hardware have been released the last years to give us composers more expressive capabilities. Like ROLI Seaboard, Touché, the new Osmos keyboard.

But have anyone checked out this Enhancia MIDI Expression ring? What do you think? :slight_smile:


First time I see this, and I think it would fit my workflow well. Need to check it out. I mean if you really get the results like in the video, this would be insane!


Might be too easy to make “wrong” modulation when you don’t want it, just because we move our hands automatically perhaps. But it seems like a really cool approach, so if it works I think I would want it myself too! :slight_smile:

I think the idea is super cool and as we see works great. The only cons I see are two: ä as you said, every time you move, you have some sort of modulation even if you didn’t want to do. The second one is the price…400€? Even if retailers get it, more than 300€ for automation? Not even the faderport costs that much. But nevertheless, it’s innovative and will have a solid place in the market.

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400, wow that’s alot, I did not check first. I do already have a breath controller, but I hate that wire that is in the way all the time lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Automation is one thing, but what I want is real-time expression, because I love performing the parts in my music compositions. It is about the feeling of making music, which to me is more fun and enjoyable when I can add expression in real time.


I do think it very cool :sunglasses:
But the price is a lot
I do want to see much more way of total expression as well