End of Days - Trailer Contest

Hi Guys

Here’s my first entry for trailer contest . Been on a trailer writing course for last month, aiming to submit to trailer houses by October so very happy with progress so far and enjoyed writing this track for the contest

Hope you enjoy!


Hi @BenBeard,

as I always say, music is subjective, but production not. If you want to improve this track you need:

  1. Make your drums & percussion elements LOUD and HARD-HITTING! When you work on a track like this, take a reference and just try to get as close as you can get sound-wise. It’s also important to take a good reference music-wise. Check out this track: https://atommusicaudio.bandcamp.com/track/fuel-of-war

Just buy it, and use it as a reference for drums, bass and frequency response. It’s the best I found for that production-wise. There are tons of so called “Trailer Massive Drums Tracks”, but at the moment for me this is the best of all.

  1. The first HIT in the beginning is not on point. The Hit and the synth should play at the same time, it sounds like a drum flam. It shouldn’t. Trailer Music is always on POINT.

  2. Try to make your climaxes more full. You don’t have to care too much about instrument groups, just create more and more “sound walls”. Trailer Music is always “over the top”, so you need to make these moments “over the top” as well.

Kind regards and take care,
Alexey (JLX)

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Points I totally agree with, atm I’m sticking to a formula as I’m being taught it on the course from a guy who works in he trailer hours and will build from there. Want to get basics right first. Plus it’s about balancing the drums and hits so they’re not too loud too early and not peaking too much mainly.

Didn’t notice that hit at the start so I’ll check that :slight_smile:

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I can definitely dig this! Ive recently submitted a lot of my music to random libraries for trailer music and it didnt get accepted. The reason is the lack of just HUGE, GROSS, OVERPOWERING percussion. My issue is with peaking and clipping also. At some point it seems in order to just only use drums lolll nice work though man!

Hey Ben:Believe in yourself.Everyone on the planet has different ideas.If you put 5 doctors in a operating room you will get 5 different answers.I’ve been working on Trailers also and I can’t seem to get the formula.Youv’e got it, you just got to keep practicing.Keep Composing:musical_keyboard:

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I like the track, I just want you to know about the problem of the HIT on POINT, you should bounce in place (in logic) the synth cuz sometimes they are… how can I say? in late with the part, so you bounce it and try to sync with the waveform. The same with pulse and arp.

I tested by myself, and sometime they are a little bit of beat and the track seems to be out of time :joy:

However you can try with pulse and see :wink:

Great to see you join the contest Ben! :slight_smile:
I will listen to all entries at the end of the month. But I recommend you to go and listen to all entries now, since it is you (all members) that will vote with “hearts” on your favorites).

PS. Reminder - You must also be very active in the forum this month in order to have a chance to win, as one of the rules of the contest are:

  • Earn at least 25 hearts as a member in the community during September


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