Encounters in E Minor - Epic Trailer Music Contest

Hi Composers!

Here is my entry for the epic trailer music contest.

Went for more of an orchestral feel, also would love to hear feedback as this is my first attempt at this style.

Hope you enjoy it!

Kyle Williams


Great to see you join the contest Kyle! :slight_smile:
I will listen to all entries at the end of the month. But I recommend you to go and listen to all entries now, since it is you (all members) that will vote with “hearts” on your favorites).

PS. Reminder - You must also be very active in the forum this month in order to have a chance to win, as one of the rules of the contest are:

  • Earn at least 25 hearts as a member in the community during September


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Interesting composition Kyle, it’s got potential to be really nice trailer comp :slight_smile:

As a general rule for trailers you want to split them into 3 parts, Intro, Build up , Climax. You can usually tell them apart by looking at the wave form of your track. It should build so by the end the third part is huge but the first part wants to be simple and quiet. Your track is all the same level throughout, and you need to put in breaks ( as editors work off these to put them in trailers and differentiate the sections ) Also things like whooshs , drops, big hits need to be there to get across that BIG epic trailer feel.

Even on quieter trailers you’ll still see that build up at the end with hits etc

Here’s an example of a trailer track that should help in terms of layout etc :slight_smile:

Kyle, this has great potential for a trailer track, I agree with everything Ben had to say, I would suggest even just listening to trailer critically to get a understanding of the way they are formatted.