Enchanted Night (Ambient Music Contest Oct 2019)

I created hopefully in time a new piece for this contest! Though I have uploaded it on my Triple Spiral Audio account, this is a fresh piece which I just uploaded.

I have created it with sounds from my own Omnisphere 2 soundset Nordic and a Duduk from Ancient Persia Era which I ran through the Blackhole reverb to create a nice mysterious ambience.
I hope you all enjoy this piece and thank you for listening!


Beautiful Jaap! :slight_smile:
That Duduk lead was actually really perfect for this track imho. Interesting to combine the nordic textures with the persian flavor! :wink:

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Interesting track - sounds like something from witcher 3 soundtrack. Quite atmospheric. Duduk definately works as lead. Like the melody as well.

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Sounds like something like a haunted story in the Middle East. Or maybe the opening strains of the intro for a movie based on Ali-Baba and the forty thieves. Very nice.

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Ah thank you so much for listening and the kind words Mike, Phil and John!