Electronic dynamic composition with a more quiet and beautiful middle part


This is a dynamic electronic composition with lots of pulsating basses and pads and other electronic sounds. I used frequency and other plugins from Ableton. I also made the strings sound more electronic. The middle part is nice, more traditional, with lots of blending of usual and other electric pianos, which created a more panned effect.

thank you for listening

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Oh Julia, this is right up my street! :+1:
It’s groovy, it’s delicate, it’s provocative, it’s melodious. Loved it. The beat, pulses, melancholic theme, movement in the harmo y and structure.
If I were to add one comment about how it’s constructed, I would have kept some continuity into the middle section and also exiting the middle section. The pause/break felt a bit unnatural, as if it was a completely different scene. I’d have brought those strings down a bit too. They seemed quite adamant and imposing.
But I enjoyed the whole piece very much and hope I can hear more just like this!
Regards, Adrian.

Thank you, Adrian,

I am exploring electronic music more and having fun with it… the middle part has it’s own character and sounds more orchestral… I introduced solo cello, alt and violin and want them to be more important… the break is longer as if I decide to send it to the music library there should be breaks between parts based on their requirements… or I may send only the first or middle parts

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I understand. The format was tailored for a specific usage scenario. I hadn’t factored that in while listening. I hope you explore the electronic approach more, as I would look forward to listening to your creativity!