Electro Sea Shanty

Hi ProCo Family!

New one for you.
Genre/Style: Irish Celtic Sea Shanty music meets EDM in a Rave Club
Creative Vision for the Track: Love Irish music, particularly sea shanty types and in messing around with my new libraries from UJAM (Idol) and Output (Signal and Arcade) found that the Irish feel fits nicely in the groove. Really fun blend of old world and new world.
Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): This is an a minor composition, 93 bpm with a main A and B sections - Solos come in on an extended bridge eventually working to a section A vamp, fade out. Had fun with the melodic content with round robin juxtaposition. Works nicely.

Main Instruments used: This is entirely soft synth and loop based, no real instruments this time. Aside from the UJAM and Output libraries, also used session bassist from NI (awesome library - really fun to work with). You can also hear my fav Evi in the background (she harbingers transitions). Also used some Apple guitar loops and a NI Massive Arpy thing which added some cool colors.

Enjoy! - Let’s hoist the sail and get going!!!


Really cool, really fun Stuart! Hard to believe this was all virtual instruments, but it’s mixed well. Love it!


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Really like this !

Thanks Steve! It is fun!

Really cool combination of sounds and styles, Stuart! Had me smiling as soon as the fiddle entered.