Electric Chair This track written for Death row Convicts

This track written for Death row Convicts.Used mostly Guarritan instruments Drums,Strings,Harp,Pizz.Choir from Project Sam,Electric noise sample,Shouts, Groans samples.Music was made up from E to B then Bb.also Went up scale Used string harmony.Bpm 85.Wanted to create something different.Cubase Pro 8/ DAW


Great to have you join the contest Donald, please include some details in your description of the track (ex: main chords, key and time signature, tempo, main instruments used etc.). :slight_smile:

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I like the crackle sound effect. It probably could use a bit more deep, contrabass in the strings. Also a bit more bass response in the drums.

Thanks for your Critiquie. Bass response on every system is different.I use Izotope 8 maximizer +you learn on my Master out. To see what the output is doing.My speakers are also calibrated to -18 db.My ears is the final mix. But I will take your comment in consideration.