Election Campaign Music Season

Okay team . . . the Election Campaign Season will be upon us soon. So, it’s time to begin composing Election Campaign Music in 15-30-60 second segments.

A Creative Brief from Pond 5:

“Various countries are preparing to hold elections this year, from South Korea to France, Australia to the U.S. midterms, and more. In the face of change, we can be confident of three things: shifts in the global political landscape, political campaigners looking for media, and news organizations seeking editorial footage.”

I usually begin by writing a 15 (second). Remember you have to be out by 14.5, especially for radio. Then, I will place the 15 at the tail so I get a 60 (second). Again, you need to be out by 59.5. Next, I’ll write the center section (the bridge) into 2 parts, making sure that a 30 (second) can be made out of it.

I’ll post an example soon. I’ve got a concert band piece I’m working on.

To sell your music, Pond 5 and Songtradr would be good choices; both are non-exclusive so you can sell it on other platforms as well. I would imagine there will be a ton of YouTubers looking for Election Campaign Music.