Eighth Symphony 2nd movement

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Genre/Style: Virtual Orchestration

Creative Vision for the Track:
To create a moderately uptempo 2nd movement for a 4 movement work

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
I posted the score so you can see for yourselves the details.

Main Instruments used:
Vienna Symphonic Orchestral Cube

From the CD Cosmic Consciousness


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Wonderful, lovely, great!
Love that motif you use throughout; love the way you work tonal colors of bright and dark, light and heavy. Great sounds, great mix, great music. Thank you for sharing!


Thanks Steven for listening and commenting. Much appreciated!

Really good piece Jerry. I loved the light, floaty feel that it had and the initial melody in the English horn. It gave me impressions of something by Maurice Ravel.

Thank you Matt for listening and commenting. I am pleased you enjoyed the movement.