Edit Multi CC in one click

Hi professional composers, as many of you probably use strings in separate channel, I mean violin 1, violin 2, viola etc etc… and sometimes you put the dynamic (Expression and Modulation) in the wrong bar or worse too loud compared to woodwinds… and now you have to click in every single region and change the value of the expression and modulation… and this is totally annoying…

Is there a trick to change the expression or modulation with one click for all the region that you have selected instead of click in each one, violin 1, violin 2 viola etc etc?!

However I know about the track stack method, but I don’t like it, cuz If in a passage all the strings are in “p” instead cellos are in “mf” I can’t do it with the track stack method :confused:

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Great question Carlo! :slight_smile:
I see since you mention “track stacks” you are using Logic Pro X. I am not in my DAW now but there is a function called “automation trim”, where you can remain the automation, but change the overall level of it. I only used it for level automation myself, but perhaps it might work for dynamics too?

I have a bonus tip btw, which is a technique I used sometimes. Let’s say you have a track stack called “Strings” with the full string section separated as usual (basses, cellos…). Then I record the modulations wheel (dynamics) per instrument. BUT, on the actual track stack I record the expression (CC11) to shape the overall level for the entire string arrangement. I know this was not what you asked, but I wanted to add this as a tip :wink:


I think in Logic , if you group the tracks as opposed to track stack method then you can edit them all at the same time when ‘latching’

Thank you all, I will give a try to this method. But this make me crazy why I can’t simply edit multi CC :rage::triumph:

I agree that CC automation should be improved in Logic, especially when working with many tracks at the same time. I hope with future updates it will be! :slight_smile:

I am curious to see this in Cubase now. I will try to group some tracks together and see if I can automate them as a whole, which would be… fantastic! (assuming they all use whichever CC I am trying to automate)

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Usually CC1 and CC11 so they should be the same as a standard CC, let us know if cubase fixed this kind of problem.

It’s really annoying to edit every single track…