Échappé En Pointe ("Escaping On Point") Music Video

Hello composers! I haven’t posted here in a while so wanted to say “hello” and share a recent piece, Échappé En Pointe.

The piece is “Cinematic Style”. Written on a dreary, rainy day… my vision for the track was to create a beautiful landscape of sound using piano and solo strings. After writing the piece, I envisioned ballet dancing as a visual and thus was the inspiration for the video.

The piece has essentially two sections: one that is dreamy and mystical (in 7/4 and 6/4 time), and a second that is hopeful, invigorating, and optimistic (6/4 time).

The piano takes the center stage here with multiple tracks: an ostinato, melody, and other effects. The violin and cello are introduced in the hopeful section to give a more harmonious and lyrical sound. Other instruments to support the soundscape are analog synths, string pads, cymbals, bassoon, french horn, and double bass.

VI used are Cinesample Piano in Blue, Spitfire Audio Solo Strings. Synth sounds are from Nord Stage.

Piano in Blue is wonderful to use in this type of piece. I especially like the ability to change the brightness and velocity responses with the mod wheel (usually in separate passes) to give more dynamic contrast for sections or different parts.

The solo strings took a bit of programming to get to sing correctly, however, I am happy with the result.

I hope you enjoy the piece. Appreciate your thoughts on the music and video.



I like the musi you created a dreamy atmosphere !!!
The video is perfect for the track!!

The only thing that I don’t like very much is the synth sound that is heard in the background and that emerges towards the end, but as I said it is my taste.
It seems to me that it is too dry.

Great track!!

Thank you, Roberto!

Good to hear some feedback on the video as well. Creating a captivating video without a budget is not easy, using stock footage, etc. Sometimes you get lucky with finding a good source, sometimes not.

The use of synth (as a unique voice) in an acoustic instrument track was new for me on this track. I like the vibe of it, and I think performing it live added another dimension. But my wife’s comment was, “what is that weird sound?” - lol. It’s something I want to explore more in the future.

I went back to look at what instruments I had used (I actually recorded the track before covid but finally got around to doing the video). Interestingly, I noticed the pads are actually not synth pads but actually string patches (flautando, harmonics).

Thanks again.

I really enjoyed your composition AND the video. I think ballet dancers did capture the essence of the various tones you wanted to create (dreamy, mystical, etc). I liked the arpeggio theme the piano set throughout. It kept the various moods tied together.

I’m not quite sure I understand the ending though, the fading out/in of various pictures. Didn’t quite flow with the rest of the video. I also didn’t like the (chromatic?) piano part starting around time 2:44. Seemed out of place. However, I still thoroughly enjoyed the piece and it give me some creative ideas myself.

I’m wanting to put together a video of a song I made called Music Box of Memories, and was wondering where you found (apparently free) the video of the ballet dancers? Not that I want to use ballet dancers, but I like what you did in putting your video together.

Great job Brandon. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Chris for the kind words and feedback.

The chromatic bit and video ending were a bit of a risk. I liked it to keep some interest, but yeah, it’s probably not for all and maybe I got carried away with the dreamy visuals!

The free stock video and pictures are from Pexels and Pixabay. I think Pexels has more video footage but I use both sites.

Good luck with your video. Please post here as well!

There’s a curious dichotomy to this of grace yet struggle. It’s partly the instrumentation, but it’s also the dreamy flowing rhythm combined with a kind of heaviness the the melody and the video which at least for me suggested this as well. Though it wasn’t quite what I expected I nonetheless I enjoyed it.

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Thank you, Charles. That’s a keen observation of the piece and I tend to agree. Appreciated.

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