Drivers issue with interface, or new interface recommendations

Hey all, I have two questions regarding issues I’m having with my focusrite 18i20.

  1. Everytime I get so far into a project recently the interface stops syncing the audio and then comes up with an compatibility error, telling me to fix the issue of the external device so it can talk to my DAW (logic x). I’ve tried reinstalling and updating the drivers but it doesn’t seem to work… has anyone come across this issue? If so, how did you combat it.

  2. If the answer to 1 is “my interface is dead”, what would you suggest updating to… I’ll need to save up a bit but my budget will probably be around £500-ish. The conditions I need to meet are mainly inputs… I also do home recording sessions in my business so I’ve been looking at the person us studiolibe16.02 as it has more than enough inputs, works great as an interface (on paper) and has a lot of functionality… they’re also old enough where I can buy second hand saving a few pennies. What are your thoughts, do you have experience with this piece of kit…

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Hi, I’m interested to see the responses here. I’m using a really old M-Audio, M-Track and have some latency problems I can’t figure out when recording audio. I’m looking at the Focusrite Scarlett when I can afford it. They appear to be doing away with the smaller versions that also have MIDI input. Good question. Thanks.

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Hey Fran!

From all the issues I’ve had I wouldn’t suggest focusrite (despite the pots sounding great). There’s just so much that goes wrong with them. I’m currently looking at presonus, RME and Motu, as they seem more reliable online.

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Thank you Geoffrey. I’ll start looking into those. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If there is a possibilty, try to get an answer from there support-team, if you didn’t contact them already.

The funny thing is, I have the some interface, 18i20 but the first generation. And I had problems with it from the beginning already, but not sync-wise, when I was working, at some point there were extremely loud peaks in the audio, so loud, that the first time I almost felt from my chair. Sounds funny, but at this moment it was definetely not! I was like…what is going on?? I took the 18i20 to the retailer and said: Dudes, please find the error. No way I can work like this, I will kill ALL of my speakers. The other day said run a test (24h, two days in a row), at least what they’ve said, but no peaks were recorded. It was strange. The next days I had them here and there…I was scared to turn up my speakers and headphones. The peaks were still there. I contacted the retailer, so I could get a new one…they said it’s not possible, because they couldn’t find any issues. I was so angry. I couldn’t find people who had the same issues. But what I did is I’ve changed the USB-cable. And it seems to work, although I had one last month, but not that loud as it was before.

Maybe you change the USB-cable and check if that works? I mean it can be anything, but in order to find the error, you need to test the whole path…

I would either buy one from PreSonus, they seem to have a good support overall or going straight to Apollo, if you don’t need a lot of channels.

Always had problems using RME. But sometimes you just have bad luck with a device. One colleague of mine for example bought a new Apollo Twin, and believe it or not, but the inputs were reversed.


I have finally fixed it. I think…

So I had to look at the batch code and make sure the website was sending me to the right download page… it wasn’t. It was telling me to download 2nd gen and I have a gen 1interface. So I think it’s all sorted now. But we shall see!


Hi Fran, I’ve got a number of interfaces here …but my primary has been a motu …it’s a solid performer , I also have a Scarlett 2i4 as well …no issues either …depending on your budget you might like to look into an audient series of interfaces … The motu has been a stellar performer , I have the Monitor 8 and 24ai …for a total of 32 channels inbound … I’ll be upgrading to a Burl “mothership” solution in March 2020 …anyhow …can you give us an idea of your budget?

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Hi Keith, I was looking at the Scarlett 2i4. With the discount where I teach the price was right at less than 150. I don’t have much of a budget so it’s need vs want. I need MIDI I/O and really will only use one combo input at a time. It seems the 2i4 has been discontinued. The 4i4 is available (can’t use my discount) so still saving for that. I bought an Impact GX61 floor model keyboard last year that is starting to do some annoying stuff, so I’m trying to stay with new equipment.

The Burl Mothership - wow! I think I should write my letter to Santa now. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m surprised the 2i4 is no longer available … I I know they released a “3rd generation” of the Scarlett series … so fair enough on your budget … I think the 2i4 was the least expensive interface that supported midi over the 5 pin jack

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